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Learnex is an innovative and profitable language school corporation with corporate owned schools in 4 countries and we are ready to share our success and strategy with our franchise partners. Learnex unparalleled staff training and management systems will ensure a successful launching and operation in new territories.

We also provide a specific management software, a learning management system (LMS), books, manuals, training materials, call centre training, job descriptions and career paths for each position within the organization plus a wealth of marketing, sales and monitoring tools. The initial training takes place at Learnex HQ’s or Online, besides on-site pre-launching support, trainings, re-trainings, and assistance.

Many of our centres reach a profit margin of well over 30%.




Our requirements


entrepreneurial spirit

sales and marketing experience

local service industry experience



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To learn more about Learnex, call us on (+1)-805-517-4515

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