Who We Are

Team of languages specialists

Our company is an end-to-end, customer oriented languages training company specialized in Training , Certified Translation , and Special Needs Learners in Egypt and around the world... Firstly, We are a unique company offering a languages traning , translation , writing reviewing & solutions to our clients globally!

We're the  #1 Online languages training &Certified
Translation Services PROVIDER IN THE Middle east!

Anas hazem

Founder of LEARNEX

We combine the skills and technologies . All the while using the most advanced technologies available, so we can deliver professional and efficient services . Our Quality is our strength!

a Few Facts About Learnex

10 Thousands


3325 hrs




needs to efficient skill!

Learnex's translation services is avaliable online , We deliver it to your door . You may not believe it, but the whole certified translation process finishes in just a few hours...

Leanrex offers online courses to help students learn English at all levels. Start from the ground up with courses in grammar fundamentals, vocabulary, and more. Then explore in more depth with intermediate courses on writing skills, social communication, and more. ...

Free Immigration Consultation ; Learnex offers a free 1/2 hour consultation on the immigration topic of your choice. To receive your free consultation, please respond using the contact form.

Our executive team

Lee Lau Young

Managing partner

As a managing partner of Learnex, Lee Young nurtures the most responsible approach towards education sectors. She’s been advocating the new learning techniques well since her student years in 1990s, and as now she’s at the head of our enterprise, Lee does her best to promote the language knowledge in our community...

Emad Reda

Head of Learning and Development

It’s his field of duty, that all the stages of training and delivering of programs according to the plan . Also Emad as a head of the department is responsible for new training technologies development and testing. It’s thanks to Emad that our prgrams have such a high impact and at the same time are so cost-efficient

Hazem Mohamed

Head of special needs department

Dr.Hazem is the person responsible for treating the children medically using such techniques which help children develop abilities to cope-up with the difficulties and lead an independent life . And instructing the speech therapists to help the children with sensory processing disorders so that they can perform and manage day-to-day activities , In addition, he supervises Learnex’s overall dept of early education and child care.

Energize your career

The work of our employees can be managerial and office-bound, and can take place at the centers, or overseas development positions. Regardless of where we work, becoming a part of our team can change your life for the better!

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Who We Are

An educationally conscious Training and Language education company that offers the most effective , cost-efficient and high-quality educating courses and solutions in Egypt ! .

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